"La performance du tri des déchets

au service des territoires"

5 332 Pieces of waste thrown away

27 032 Cities identified

227 539 Bins found

Users : Simplify your life using waste

  • Find recycling information wherever you are
  • Find the correct bin/ pickup point closest to you
  • Receive notifications to take out your bins

Mapping and search engine for sorting instructions.

If your community is not referenced for bin collection, let us know at contact@hoali.org

Brands : a way to get closer to your consumers regarding environmental issues

  • Transparency
  • Proximity
  • Loyalty

Register your products in our database so your consumers know how to recycle resulting waste properly.

Register your product information so that your commitment to promote the environment and eco-design is recognized.

Contact: Fred Ghenassia


Companies :Tools to serve your CSR policy

  • Commit your company in favor of the planet by reducing the impact of waste
  • Give your partners the means to become daily eco-citizens
  • Commit your company to promoting the local economy through recycling activity

Contact: Fred Ghenassia


Local government agencies

  • Better user experience
  • Better territorial recycling performance
  • Secure waste deposits
  • Aim for zero-waste territories

Hoali accompanies local authorities in order to give users a better experience and improve performance of public policy on recycling and urban cleanliness.

Contact: Alexandre Solacolu


Associations : An open platform to clean the planet

Our platform is available to associations and collectives of abandoned waste picker-uppers, that can create a “tribe” to animate their communities as well as track their activity.

Contact us, it’s free!

Contact: Alexandre Solacolu


Our vision

“Have more of a view on the ocean than on Mars”

Hoali’s ambition is to limit the effects our consumption has on the planet.

For this, we would like to correct the shortcomings of current consumption patterns by attacking the consequences: waste.

We would also like to support more sustainable ways to consume, whether it be on the economic or environmental level.

A few features :


An interactive map that allows you to find the bin closest to you.


Remember when you didn’t know how to recycle? Those times are over. Now, you have sorting instructions in your pocket according to where you live. You may now become an “elite sorter”.


Hoali accompanies you through your eco-actions and allows you to save waste you pick up.


Hoali is a collaborative application. You may thus contribute to maps by indicating non-referenced bins and contribute to the creation of the biggest and most comprehensive mapping of trash bins.

Tribe or solo

Hoali is a community application (you can create your own tribe) that wishes to unite all eco-citizens wishing to join the fight for a clean planet. You can share your actions on social media to give others the incentive to be more like you.


With Hoali, receive notifications when it is time to take out your bins in your neighborhood.


Hoali allows you to list all of your eco-citizen actions and save them in archives.


To motivate you even more to clean the planet, Hoali organizes ways for you to have your actions valued and rewarded.


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