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Data Use Policy


We give you the possibility to share information so that you may simplify your life using domestic waste, as well as commit to planet cleanliness and thus limit the impact of abandoned waste on nature. The present policy indicates the kind of data we collect, how we use it, and the way we share it. Please keep in mind that our policy applies to all of Hoali’s brands, products, and services which don’t have distinct privacy policies or are linked to this policy, which we call “services” or “Hoali”.

  • Which kinds of information do we collect?

According to the services you use, we collect different kinds of information about or coming from you.

  • Your activities and the information you provide.

We collect the content as well as other kinds of information that you provide us while using our services, namely while creating an account, creating or sharing content, or sharing information with others. This may include information concerning shared content in Hoali, such as the location of a photo or the date at which a file was created. We also collect information about the way you use our services, like the kinds of content you search for and interact with, or the frequency and length of your activity.

  • Your network of contacts.

We collect information about how you interact with the Hoali community (for example, your most frequent actions or tribes that you enjoy being a part of).

  • Information about your devices.

We collect information about computers, phones, and other devices on which you install and use our services, according to the authorizations you granted. We may put together the information we collect from your different devices in order the give you coherent services on all of them. Here are a few examples of information on devices that we collect: 
– Data like the operating system, hardware version, device settings, battery level, signal strength, as well as serial numbers. 
– The device’s location data, namely precise geographical location data collected using GPS signals, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. 
– Login information such as your language and current time zone

  • Information from sites and apps using our services.

We collect information when you visit or use third-party sites and apps that use our services (for example, when they use a Hoali account login button or while they use our services to measure traffic and performance).

  • How do we use this information?

We wish to create an attractive and personalized user experience. We take all information at our disposition to provide our services and maintain their quality. Here is how:

  • Provide, improve and develop our services.

We are able to propose our services to you, personalize content, and give you suggestions based on information obtained, in order to determine the best way that you may use our services, interact with them, and with people our activities you are connected to and that interest you, within and outside of our services. While we have geographical information, we use it to adapt our services for you and for others. For example, we may advise you based on your location, by researching events or offers near you, linked to your tribe. We conduct surveys and studies, test features in the developmental phase, and analyze information at our disposal in order to evaluate and improve our products and services, perfect new products and features, and conduct audit and troubleshooting activities.

  • Communicate with you.

We use your information to tell you about our services and inform you of our terms and conditions and regulations. We also use your information to answer you if you contact us.

  • Evaluate our services.

We use information at our disposal to improve our measurement systems, which allows us to evaluate the effectiveness and reach of our services.

  • Promote security.

We use information at our disposal to perform account and user activity verification, and guarantee security within and outside of our services. We can, for example, examine any suspicious activity or infringement on our terms and conditions or regulations.

  • How is this information shared?

Applications, websites, and outside services integrated to or using our services.
When you use applications, websites, or other outside services using or integrate into ours, they may receive information on what you publish or share. For example, while playing a game linked to Hoali, the developer or game’s website may receive information on your activity within the game.

  • Here are the kinds of service providers we may share information with concerning you:

Measurement and analysis services (only information that does not allow you to personally identify yourself). We will not share information allowing you to personally identify yourself (information allowing you to personally identify yourself is information like your name or e-mail, which may be used to contact or identify you) with our measurement and analysis service providers, unless we obtain your authorization. We may provide these partners with information on Hoali’s effectiveness and reach, without communicating information personally identifying you, or information that we have made anonymous. For example, we may share with a partner or tribal leader a performance report on their notifications, on the number of people having seen their information or clicked on a link after having read information, or even communicate demographic information that does not allow for personal identification of the user (like “25 year old man close to Saint-Brieuc”) to these partners or tribal leaders in order the help them better identify their audience but only after the partner or tribal leader accepts to conform to our confidentiality rules.

  • How may I manage or delete information concerning me?

You have the possibility to manage content and information that you share while using Hoali with the help of the My Profile tool. We keep data as long as necessary to provide our products and services, namely those described above. Information associated with your account will be stocked until its deletion, except if we do not need your data to provide our products and services. You may delete your account at any moment. While you delete your account, we delete content you have published, like your pictures and profile information.

  • How do we proceed to reply to legal questions and to avoid any risk of damage ?

We can access your saved data, keep it, and share it in response to a legal claim (search warrant, court order, etc.) if we believe in good faith that the law requires us to. This may include responding to legal requests from jurisdictions outside of France, where we have every reason to believe that the response is required by the law of that jurisdiction, that it applies to those who use the service and who depend on this jurisdiction and that it conforms to internationally recognized standards.
We may also access, retain and disclose your information when we believe it is necessary to detect and prevent fraud or other unlawful activity, to protect your interests, ours or those of others, including investigation, or to avoid the risk of death or imminent bodily harm. For example, we may share information about the reliability of your account with our third-party partners to avoid any form of fraud and abuse within and outside our Services. The information about you that we receive, such as transaction data related to purchases with HOALI, may be used, processed and stored for a certain period of time when it is the subject of a request or a legal obligation. a government investigation or investigation of possible violations of our terms of use or our regulations, or to prevent further damage. In addition, we may retain deactivated account information for a minimum of one year due to a violation of our Terms of Service to prevent repeated abuse or other offenses. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us using the information below.

  • How do we proceed to notify you on modifications brought to the present policy?

We will notify you of any material changes to this policy, and give you the opportunity to review and comment on the revised version before continuing to use our Services.

  • How to address your questions to HOALI?

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Date of last revision: Wednesday, June 20th, 2018